Wednesday, November 7, 2012


4 42 pm

today morning typing this shitz blog and thinkign wat to share, hm okei i got interview with architecture render company at 3 pm later today and then i will sharing some previous works i have. diu i spend too much time refine works ady.

sorry for arrangement yah, this stupid blog go and screw it up for me diu hai

this is interior render of a studio, i modelled texture and render it, this is wip no.2 i adjust the  lighting becuase it was too dark and flat, too much shadow so i change the color the walls.

this is wip 03 for the interior render, i adjusted the bounce light more because the ceiling are too dark and not enough illuminations,, adjusted the blur of the shadow line and re arrange some of the layout for the interior studio, so now the studio looking abit better than previous shot.

this was the 1st wip for the interior studio, okei the 1st render shot which major problems, simple layout arrangement and lighting also not rite, so i made small changes and render the shot again, decide the time of the day and calculate bounce lights and shadow line. the room is too flat.

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