Saturday, November 24, 2012


almost 3 pm and i woke up at 1 30 pm, take me 2 hours just to warm up anyway today i tot take break from refine all my previous works and just be normal guy for 1 whole day, also will share somethings.

was hangingout at sunway yumcha with old toa classmate then saw my relatives there, join them for dinner and then saw cute moments of my nephew and niece

this work visa i fight so hard to get i new zealand before i graduated, spend 240 dollars on this stupid thing submitted so many things and waisted so much money, in the end i found out that i waisted it ady from the begning because nz is not searching for foreign worker

1 1/2 months after i returned to Subang Jaya, i was went to this place for an interview 

driving on the way back from KL city after interview haha

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