Saturday, November 3, 2012


12 30 pm

okei latest updates, I just been invited to attend another interview, the job for asistant photographer somehwere in Taman Tun so i am supposed to print out some extra photos and maybe my resume along for interview, hell I think I just random select any nice photos from my previous album lah.

another thing is my animation reel, i converted it into a cg art reel instead, have recent failure with interviews, i thinking maybe because of too much specialization so I going be abit flexible, I make it more cg art type reel to be flexible to work wit any next company here.

below is the reel for this end year 2012

i think i put too much effort in the music ady lah, until I listen to the music and not look at my own reel! lol anyway screw it, this reel am sending it to Poly Assets United malaysia, my tutor and friend yong kang used to work there as character animation, i will give it a try, email to them by today or tonite leh. someone at the office there told me i can only get reply in 1 week haih not even sure if true annot.

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