Monday, December 3, 2012

animation test

8 20 pm

i finally completed  animation test for backbone entertaiment, 4 different test in 4 days, fastest animation i ever did, each animation take near 1 1/2 days to do from blocking, spline and polishing, the given rig is andy rig, free open source rig for character animation, so i going to share it here lah

walk cycle

run cycle

weight lifting

10 second acting dialogue

now for my own comments, tell the truth i think walk and run cycle were more easy, coudl settle that in 2 days, bvut for this kind of test woud be better if they just give me acting dialogue that is 10 second, i think this was too much ady but i still did it anyway. anyway i'm going to break for few days, and on this wednesday i am going for my first date. i have another goal rite now, i'm going to try get into fly studio start up programme at future.

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