Sunday, December 9, 2012

cg hair

9 17 am

wah, wat a weird way to start my morning, but yah, i just recently learn to make new stuff only and tat is create cg hair and render in maya.

the cg chair i done

it's not final yet because i am learning and testing it for render too, the final will look nicer, so can say this is just one of the early cg test, hm i'm not sure wat will happen to me in after march next year but it's posbbile i wun able to finish the trailer for this animation properly, wunt lie to myself so maybe i only possible to show the character and environment reel, but i still see how it goes.

if everything works fine, i shud able to present the short trailer and modeling reel online and earn myself interview for the start up programme, i dunno wat will happen, but can only do my best. also recently install motion builder because start up programme using it, i got no idea how it work, i tried learning it yesterday but not successfull, hm anyway, i will focus on present time now later today i will keep on working on concept art for environment.

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