Tuesday, December 4, 2012


12 am subang jaya

it's been 2 days since i submitted my animation test to backbone entertaiment, i'm guessing that i didn't make it because my test not so chun >.<, but tats fine lah, i was expecting that anyway when i was doing it, rite before i started my test i called flystudio to ask about start up programme, and i' thinking aiming for their programme.

i also thinkign something else, many years befor i always saw that most senior staff dun wan start their own company yet, they actually take over from previous boss to become manager, director , or founder, getting soem more experience for themselve, earning money, saving money then finally started their own company, different name, culture and staffs.  they maybe feels they not ready yet to tsrat new company so take over from previous boss, learn how to manage clients and staffs, learning more on management before going to new level.

i thinking same thing, in future, i plans to be senior staff, and take over from boss before either 1. join wit new make frens or seniors before who started their own company.

now i only got 2 things to do, my japanese language ability keep working on it and  2, do my short trailer, whther finished annot just keep pushing it as much i can, i did it many times wit my test and i will try and make this animation happens.

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