Thursday, December 6, 2012

my first date

1 17 am

hm yah my heading it's true, my frist date at 28 years old, not gf yah, not married either, but first date, and it's with a junior form my previous college in the one academy, from china yunan, it was nice that i was alble to ask her out to watch life of pi with me and then she said yes even if she ady watched it before.

we watched movie, had meal together at korean street cafe, she bought her book and i send her home. it was nice of me to do something nice for her after tat. after all she plans to leave malaysia to rturn to china to work.

i told her my latest progress and she shared her progress and now we both just thinking about our goals, it hink most important goals now is find a job to support ourself. yah, okei now i going to post some progress for my japanese teahouse.

all un unwraps have completed and officially can keep texturing and render

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