Saturday, December 8, 2012

posession animatics

2 13 am

well 2 updates, i didn't receive any reply from backbone yet on my animation test, and other is i completed my animatics to get rough idea for timing. here i can share it

this just the animatics, the final trailer which i be doing will sure have different timing and changes so this is not final is just a guide for me to work with. I'm just abit disturb lately, when i return from new zealand, i'm amazed i get interviews but unsuccessfull in achieve job offer so far, i just wonder why is tat, izzit my previous working background? or is it tat I'm facing lansi boss or something else? so far i'm ony one left without job, other than my juniros previously working.

this personal project i doing now is my last chance resort, same thing i did at end year 2004 to get myself a job in animation befor i even went to one academy. it's sad serioously tat i'm still stuck, i thinkign still about that sharing by fly studio in klcc on dec 22, wats the worth or i going there? will i be able to get progress other than sit down watch the making, asking question, getting bussiness card, building connection? wat will happen to me few years later at future? i cannot stay like this long term i dun believe cannot able to grab job as cg artist.

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