Friday, December 28, 2012


2 36 am

okei latest updates, i am in middle of modeling armour for my samurai, below is the work in progress, after i finish i give it a rig then will render out modeling, texturing and lighting reel.

still got more armour details to make, i expect this wan to finish by next year

i got further updates, while i was gone in auckland studying, there have been many number of botswana student come to my country to say they are here to study, but mostly commit crime, i saw some of them lately in SS14 and SS18, i dun like idea of them simply come here commit crime, if i see it I'm getting evidence and report it ady, I wan those that commit crime deported back to their country, and not allow to commit crime here.

below i got some links to this video, it's talking about continues fighting in burma myanmar, the situation relly explain alot why got so many myanmar here working, they claim they want run away from the sucky life back there, yes there is war going on there but its not as bad as israel where got rocket launchers and babies getting killed by bombs and bombing.

i think they picked the wrong country for them to live, in here they relly have to either learn to be smart or they wun last long, just my oppinion

below is some link about them trying to survive in our capitol city

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