Friday, January 4, 2013

modeling reel and future

10 16 am

while i am typing this blog i was thinkings of so many things, future, my family, lulu zhang the girl that i knew in lifway i wanted to ask to be my girlfreind, lulu zhang that left to go back to yunnan, modeling reel, fly studio start up programme and about life.

i am even thinking about things i believe in and things i dun believe in, wat is possible and wat is not possible, wat i can do and wat i cannot do. hm so i decided, i will believe in things that i can see, feel touch and understands, i believe in somethign i can relate and make sense from, i also believe that people have their right to way of life and what they want to believe in and their own oppinion and views.

and for some weird reason, i feeling that this year i believe is going to be different for me

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