Wednesday, February 13, 2013

back from penang

1 42 pm

back form penang, in my house now in subang, got my house keys and car key back yumcha with foo and mroe S17 high school friends and paid streamyz bill.

next is upload more photos updated on wats happening in my life and then finally clean the house i visited many heritage site in penang other than celebrate cny there. it's good to know that penang keep many of the national history of the baba and nyonya and bumiputera heritage, i very sien to see british heritage already.

my grandma passed away 2 30 pm penang on 3/02/2013, she never make it to celebrate cny with her family,  I miss her alot, spend alot my childhood with por por, even now typing this i feel sad because it was my last moment with her. one thing i know is, i was sitting next to her befor she passed away, i will never forget that day.

many days after por's funeral we went to have steambot with family

family members and steamboat

family members eating steamboat

me and chang yin che, my cousin sister from US, after 2 years i didn't see her we finally meet again at penang for cny.

having yee sang on cny time

me and my nephew olliver from yong side of family

me and my nephew olliver from yong side of family, hehe he's so cute

many days after por por's funeral she is placed in the penang temple, her place next to kong kong, she is in peace and better place now, i know she is happy to have live and passed in penang.

the place where por por is buried

one of the heritage side in penang

baba and nyonya heritage side

inside baba and nyonya heritage side

2nd floor of baba and nyonya heritage side

we burn money to por por

view of baba and nyonya from 1st floor

one of the chinese heritage side

another photo from baba and nyonya heritage side

one of the photo from main gate and heritage side in place called Kah Si Sek Tex

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