Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Rhythm and Hues closed down and VFX industry protest

8 05 pm

at home typing in my blog again, this time is more highlighted news, R&H employee was protesting that they did not get paid for theor job on Life of Pi and many of the vfx artist are released from there, most of them are 45- 50 years old, no salary, insurance or social benefits or even health benefits, worse situation than me. I was thinking before how it was to work in US if ever get the chance, but i never expected work ethic like this. in country where it's land of the free and law that defend it owns people. No one would think US got this kind of things happen, not even their own citizen but somehow now it's real.

other updates are, Fly Studio confirmed that email my stuff to sp@Fly and their start up programem are only begin in April this year haha not next year. I hope ex employee or R&H would able to find themselve maybe freelance or part time job for now to survive there until they can find better spot and someday, pay those hollywood bugger back the same way. if same thing happen here, I'm going to take a step forward and deal with this arrogant and non ethical people straight away.

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