Thursday, March 14, 2013

Unreal development kit

8 am

well, yesterday finished my 2nd interview, to tell the truth, i' know im know selected but it's nothing for me, i was not aiming to go there, my aim is Fly studio, but i applied other 2 companies too as backup. recently downloaded unreal development kit just to learn abit about how the game developers make their games, understand their job abit more, in case some day have to work with them can understands each other language.


i dunno alot about game development but i think i learning abit by using this game engine, further update is my picnic scene in maya, fixed the scale and proportion of some objects and added more things, i think next step is just fruits and tissue box for detail only, 1 last time to check then ready for uv unwrap, then when all this ready i can do alot of texture and render before i decide email this to fly studio, that company is last choice lah.

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