Friday, April 26, 2013

codemaster and some project

11 15 am

at home now and some updates, recently went to codemasters for interview for CAP training, wah lau eh, after 8 years they finally decided to interview me, i guess my skill so far where i shud be lol. anyway on thursday i walked into codemasters office for 1st time, and had interview with kiwi ivon smith and british  jason butterly i got some feedback on my renders and finished the interview.

i think what they say about games and cg animation industry is true, its hard to even walk thru the front door, try to get your foot into the door also hard ady liao, but so far i success to even get a ang moh to like 2 pieces of my render XD, good enough for me.

now for some more updates, I polishing the picnic and doing another project called checkpoint, checkpoitn is about my experience with immigration and how i felt about it.

picnic, at polishing stage now, later more polishing

checkpoint, current modeling project, progress most of the props and sets almost there now is uv unwrapping

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