Tuesday, May 7, 2013

study and observation

2 06 pm

at home, okei jsut replied to giggle garage, applied to fly studio and sparky, this take forever but question is whether wad i already do worth it. in case nothing happens i still can apply to silver ant, dun fuk it up this time.

also wish to express something, remember what people who already working before give advise about industry? they tell us things like dun rush to apply for a job, but take time to polish the work extra , do revision before create the reel and maybe even polish the reel? they are right about that, i did that before i email my reel out again. they even tell you that trying to take short cut won't make the project look nicer, you have to take small and simple steps to create your artwork acomplish them slowly before you able to make a nice piece of artwork, but most of all is keep doing your own artwork, feel free to take constructive critism and do your best, all that matters

so for me, i create mostly personal artwork for now because i was told that you create your own artwork it's sometimes better than your industry work, i noticed that anyone now working in industry, got 2 problems, 1 is not enough time to create personal artwork, they also soemtimes also struggle to make work in the job look good hehe, obvious right? it's not a joke they also still struggle the 2nd is alot of the employer are getting lansi, it's not normal for them to behave like tat instead let them be lansi, they will never be sure their artwork and learning ability start to go down like hell.

as for me, learning never stops, all my previous artwork is continue learning progress, to tell me that this artwork is nice not nice, average or can still improve and why? all the artworks are about progress and mistakes, everytime i work on something i might think it's the best artwork but when i create new artwork believe me, your previous might not feel like the best  and it feels like didn't applied knowledge properly.

we might have earn the knowledge but believe me, ther eis no point to be lansi and talk down on others, we can disscuss it to understand the problems we face and challenges but talking down on someone wah lau eh, that's 1 person who thinks they are cg award winner, dude we haven't seen your artwork yet and you talk big? i belueve every person strenght and ability is from their reel and art sense rite? not talking like lansi and talk down on others, it's not how our industry works.

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