Wednesday, May 29, 2013

true facts about overseas study

10 30 am

after spending 1 1/2 years overseas studying i can share this much, never expect overseas college or uni to be promising, wat you know about them is just marketing like normal their purpose is recruit students, even more is to recruit international students, another thing is more true, international students find it hard to get jobs in overseas country they study before, even part time jobs are difficult to get, only because you have foreigner status.

once you return to your country and reveal that you overseas to study before, everyone thinks you created amazing pieces of work that is same level with that country,  i can say that's bs, today it's very different, most overseas colleges are not wat they all say they are, it's just marketing when in truth you cam eback with a reel that is not so strong but can still polish. i don't know how to put it like this, but after months returning back, i'm still jobless and i thinking at same time doing all this, either on day of my birthday i'm able to get some good news or consider telling my mother i might retreat from this field just temporary, i don't know why i think retreat will help me in what way but i hope that something can happen, it's stupid to retreat bu for now cannot think of anything else

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