Monday, June 24, 2013

peoplelove 2nd interview coming

3 53 pm

okei so i got insomnia again, hard to wake up properly, haih, but i need to force myself to wake up at 10 am 2moro because i got 2nd interview with peoplelove and i was thinkign whether or not to even bloody hell attemd it, i think i will just tell mum today about the 2nd interview and what west lee said to me and somethign about job offer and contract but i prefer to think of just attend the 2nd interview 1st and not sign any contract yet. I wana be sure of myself, so at moment i will just think of attending the 2nd interview and work on my 3d models, that sounds like a plan, i remember i also told myself never make plans at all.

i will still focus on silver ant and applying there, anyway got to get lunch before i decide to faint

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