Tuesday, July 23, 2013

gancho studio and anima point

4 55 pm

it's evening time and sometime i didn't blog ady so here is the news, iwas offered a job as 3d modeller in animation company called gancho studio in shah alam, to be part of the 3d modeling team, i have replied to the managing director that i'm accepting the position.

another news is that they are not at south korea, therefore either i can get a reply they will accept me or my vacancy is taken lol. another place i applied is Anima point, a international animation conmpany doing tv series, i applied for modeling apprentice that cost RM 10,000 freaking ringgit, i relly dunno how to get the money for that aprentice, chances maybe i cannot even enter the apprentice at all.

2moro i'm joining john for interview at lemon sky other than that no other news updates.

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