Friday, August 16, 2013

Gancho Studio in 1 week

4 04 pm

it's been 5 days since i started to work in gancho studio, signed my contract and under probation, did and completed my 1st project here, now doing another wan which is some environment, i think i doign ot bad so far hehe lasting for a whole week, i guess i will try and last 1 whole month.

god knows wats next coming for me, anyway looking forward to moreprojects and vantura next, also want to express something, it's been 1 year since i graduated and returned from auckland, i just wonder whats it's been like to be going through all this, and honestly i feel i miss being unemployed, that moment is the best moment to be working for a whole year on personal projects and improving myself and learning new stuff, the industry doesn't teach me much at all.

i wonder wa can i do for next few years other than job and projects? consider working in office with mom? consider return to auckland? consider being unemployed again for 1 whole year to work on personal projects?

relly i miss that feeling, i will still work on personal projects but not now, jsut consider making plans for future only at moment, investment, family bussiness and spend more time with mom

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