Monday, August 12, 2013

Gancho Studio

4 56 am

i'm awake and watching the walking dead online on youtube and here is some update, i started work in gancho studios yesterday, received my contract, met my collagues for next 2 months and then I am working on some interactive project called Little scientist.

1 weeks i waited for a reply from lemonsky no news yet, i guessing either way maybe they won't reply after this, I need to fix my pc and get a new laptop soon, i have also decided, if i get pass probation I will either 1) work in office with mom, I sick and tired of job searching already, and tired of going trou trouble to apply for jobs related to 3d animation anymore, it's too much time and waisting i will jsut have to do my best at the office 2) even if  get pass probation which i dun expect I want to return to help more at the office part time be more involve in family bussiness

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