Wednesday, August 14, 2013

life so far

6 26 am

surivived 3 days at gancho studio so far, nothing good or bad, i guess you can say im not doing so bad, to be honest with you, I relly felt no different from being unemployed, i enjoyed that feeling for almost 2 years lol it's hard to feel unemployed!

anyway latest news is mom is going to penang on 26th and I cant be there to help her even if I want to instead i decided to help her everytme i return from office after work hour and on weekend, I will still do personal projects maybe after work hours and i will think about joning the office after probation, I been thinking about this for very long time, working in the office instead of animation industry, getting fedup with searching for ages. it relly its not pleasent feeling

i'm thinking going overseas for holliday end of this year, wonder where to go? decide all this later this week

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