Thursday, August 22, 2013

lost of 2 grandmas

6 23 pm

earlier this year i lost my ah por the natural deth during cny, i was hold up at penang for nearly 2 weeks for her funeral, she didn't last long enough to celebrate cny with the whole family, I was very looking forward to that, after i returned from penang i was the very last person to cry.

now it's many months later, ma ma from tham family side has passed, i was informed about her condition yesterday and my first instinct as she would go anytime soon, and i was very right, i just recived a emal form my ku ceh, mama officially passed away this morning and i wasnt there for here, i only know right this moment she is at peace with ye ye in a better place away form this world, will probably find out more from mum today when she gets back other than that i'm jsut sitting here at home waiting for some news updates.

others stuff is i have a job interview 2moro at glue studio and i'm wondering how to responds

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