Sunday, August 4, 2013

North Korea, Myanmar

6 37 pm

lately i noticed SS15 subang jaya is turning into myanmar city, lately got many myanmar nationals i saw working at 7 eleven and even korean food bussiness. and then i see them walking on the street acting like they own the street.

the kiwi's in auckland look at me like I want to invade their country, when i only want to study and experience overseas working, today after watching some video, i realised there is another country that maybe doing more bad than maybe even myanmar, from this video, it seem that north korea is also doing relly bad.

starvation, control, military control, malnutrition and citizens rights, north koreans trying to cross the border into china and south korea, getting forced to stay back into North Korea by Chinese soldiers, even families that talk about suicide because they bey tahan what is happening on their own country. it's sad to see a country that is making propaganda and talk about nuclear weapons when cannot even take care of their own nation and focus alot of military strenght.

it's relly a strange logic, they got the money to build nuclear weapons instead of the power and make electric city and produce more food for their nation? it's abit similar to Somalia, the people suffer form starvation. I mean is it relly worth building a strong military when the nation is hungry and suffering from health problems? even United Nations Ignore this

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