Saturday, August 17, 2013

some sharing

12 10 pm

it's been a year since i return to malaysia and since i got myself a probation position as 3D artist, now i'm thinking about something more, i previous mentioned I missed being unemployed for a whole year, not because i feel that being unemployed is good or bad thing, with or without salary, i feel that being able to give myself time to learn and make some learning progress and also learn new things in lfie is also very important, example how to manage myself financially and plan for future, example investments, future savings, insurance in case anything ever happens all this while I'm still below 30.

another thing i just realised only is  after i got myself probation contract from gancho i feel that doens't matter how good someone is in doing something in their job, how improved they are, i feel now it's whether I can be helpful to someone, able to communicate, adapt and learn new was to work, lol sure the foundation of art and what i learn in past at the one still matters, now it's more like open world terms already, adapt and work ethics.

these 2 things are very important now, it's been repeated over before and I think that a showreel is just to get myself an interview only, doesn't do anything more than that, other updates is I recently ordered myself a new lenovo laptop, price of MYR 2899 reasons very simple I kept asus laptop since 2008, it's like what 6 years now altogether, it's been overheat and crashing on me multiple times ady and i feel that I need a spare laptop for backup, therefore gives me good reason to buy new one, thanks to mum who loves me very much, my world is nothing her and che.

I got to make a decision too, even before my probation ends i will help at the office, even whether i confirm or not after my probation i still want to help in the family bussiness. money is just to pay my bills only and to buy food for myself, if i relly want money I think i shud make money work for me, that's why mum bought us both insurance, when i think about investment plans, that right!

so how does someone fresh from college earn themselve a job? well 1st step is probably a good demoreel showcasing their arts sense and ability, the next is just work ethics and adaptability, it would be good to understand the supervisors way of thinking anticipate their way of thinking and know how they think so that save alot of hassle.

other than that i got nothing else to blog about

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