Saturday, September 7, 2013

life so far

11 30 am

it's been awhile, i feel like 2 months have just passed by quickly, anyways some updates,  shuet ling lee got a job position as concept artist at gancho studios in vantura to do concepts and storyboards for their project and I'm working on little scientist.

my own progress so far is modeling and texturing and some major changes in texturing, I went to selangor shooting association and thinkign to get my shooting license renew so I cna grab a glock and shoot away at target practise. can iamgine the sound and the impact of the gun, what else?

i was recently told that lemon sky asked john about me lol, i forgotten about them ady, i tot they have given up on me or something like that haha, other plans are i will go to subang parada maybe 2moro buy some more rubbish bags and thinkign working on personal projects soon, i have been delaying them for long enough ady.

i have surivved my first month at gancho studios, now try and survive 2nd month then make it through my probation

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