Sunday, October 20, 2013

life so far

6 49 pm

it's been about a year since i returned from auckland since august last year, came back home without expecting anything, in fact my life take many turns and unexpected things keep happening and i didn't know, now here I am, back to a fultime job, working my ass off nearly 5 days a week and finishing up my probation. I'm also asking myself this, what would i be like in the future? will i still be the same perosn or am I any different than yesterday and many years before?

i think to myself and about a future i cannot predict but let it happen and i grow up, taking more responsiblity and doing what a grown up shud be doing, do i relly have to take more responsiblity for myself? is it relly neccesary? maybe and maybe not but i know for sure that some things can happen and some things I am not ready yet.

if there is thing i got tot out so far, whehter i stay after probation, i will open up a current account and put some money inside it, the idea is to buy a new car and sell the toyota camry T__T it have been with my family for centuries, i feel sad if i have to part with that car, the other thing is to start up a fixed deposit savings for the future use. all this thing about finance isn't really amuzing at all, money x 3 sigh. i think my bigger issue is after buy a new car on bank loan is to pay back all that money to the bank m concern is only whether i can still keep the 1 year contractt and not screw things up.

another update is a lunch session with co workers

above Jason Choo and Shuet Ling Lee from Dasein Academy of Art

Jason I met when i started working in gancho, shuet ling after i was working there for a month and introduced her to that company

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