Wednesday, October 9, 2013

something new to talk about

11 42 pm

its been more than 2 months working in gancho studio under probation, and got something more to share, i been attending meetings with clients from fun science on little scientist so far and i'm starting to think that i have more to do with learning about working with clients at future. management side, social skill, and then how to manage trainee.

just wondering to myself, shud i go do some digging into bussiness school and enrol myself into bussiness school to learn about bussiness? kind of weird but i keep aksing myself this few times ady hm, but to be part of mom's bussiness i dun even need any qualification, people are taken in because they are interested to work i guess. anyway small matter to think about, i'm thinking of only few things at moment.

what i am interested now is settle a few things, one of them is finishing my probation, setting up a fixed deposit in RHB bank and the other is maybe investment in future. all this are very important to consider, back then when I was a fresh graduate at the one i never relly consider this as very important but now i do know better.

other updates is Yee Foong is planing to move out of auckland city and finding a job outside nz, seeing that now jobs prospect there is no different than it was before or even after i left, it's sad to know that i have friends there still not success in getting anything but determine to stay and hopefull to find a opportunity. i guess from now on anyone who returns i will arrange time to meet up and yumcha with them

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