Sunday, October 27, 2013

sunway oktober

7 16 pm

at home at sunday wondering how to spend my last hours instead of resting, thinking if i shud go to kok foos house later for dominos pizza ah screw it, anyway whats happening now i think i'm stuck in some thinking process and lovesturck again, shit i hate it when this kind of thing happens, either i can is that get rid of it or i destroy myself down with it.

it's relly stupid by the sound of it but i think it's going to happen either way no matter how it goes, might as well get it out anyway, before i say anything else i ady know I'm a bloody stalker, just not a fuckiing psychopathic yet.

about a month ago shuet ling lee, some online friend i known since 2012, i told her about the companyy i worked at, she applied there, i never expected to work in the same company with her but it was  happened, her ex classmate works there also, i tot it would not be such a good idea because i tot i would become stronger in terms of friendship with her and bloody hell it is growing stronger, well maybe and maybe not i dunno, the part i relly dislike the most is end up wanan talk to her more and stalk her, i try my best to avoid that.

lol 29 years old and ady like this? just wonder what happens to me next after that, will it be obsession, hoprefully it's not obsession untiil rape and murder, I wanan prevent anything like hurt. i know shortly after we met and worked in same company i was asked to fetch her to work and back home, few times i tot about holding her hand or having oral sex with her but i stopped myself because i didn''t liked that feeling. She doesn't know anything at all bout me why shud a 23 year old girll trust a stranger at all? she relly shud ask herself why

i also asked my classmates before what do they think about dating a co worker, they have both yes and no as asnwers, mosly is by choice, i guess ive been thinking more important is there a connection between 2 individuals? will they be happy? and am I just thinking up rubbish? fuck >.<

well i did earn that maybe she have a bf, lol oh what the heck, another rubbish thought again, well i think i will try and make it through the night and survive my last month of probation here

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