Wednesday, October 30, 2013

things to do

2 45 pm

blogging in office now of all times, wondering what is next change going to be, i always have so little to write about but alot to experience, in more little to share but so much to explore, it's like this thing i have, but wanna disscuss and talk about it and no idea where to begin.

recently though about things like philantropy and anthropology, studying humans, our nature, in other words everything there is to learn about us in our everyday life and what we are capable of doing. i mean i live in this human world, this universe that is inhabitat by living and breathing people, i think about studying and learning all about us, it's not a job or commitment but learning interest to know about human race, what makes us tough, why we are so interested to live and survive even until now, worth exploring.

therefore next question is, how long will human race last? and why? we are main inhabitants of earth and use most of earths natural resources and we are only the ones who are destroying and saving it i think only we know the answer ourself right?

and next question, what will humans do to survive in their own universe? i think that's nothing we cannot handle right? i mean after all we are still living earth, we didn't leave earth yet for other planets, therefore survival at moment is anything bad. have humans actually survivied the ice age? we dun know, there was no proof of human skeletons but we did survive past the those other ages.

so whats next? some philosophy after all that study and exploring but what will be the result of all that? because human behaviour changes with the times right? it's just simply human nature so many diff types of study and so many types of results.

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