Friday, November 1, 2013


3 07 pm

well here goes, october is over and november is here, will pass by faster than you think, somehow i feel that some heavy piece crap is about to hit me very hard and I have no idea when, i think it's already did, and I am slowly feel it. i just don't know what is causing it yet.

so whats the problem chien? can you even figure out what it is? or just to afraid to ask what is the cause of it? what heavy crap do you anticipate later and how do i feel is affecting me? more like my current situation now?

ouh wth, this kind of crap make me cannot think straight, anyway screw it, my worker invited me to his church this sunday and I'm thinking whether shud go or not, the previous times I had encounter with a friend who was catholic and I ady have problems like that, I'm not sure I want to go through this same problem again, everytime with a christian there is always a problem! @#$!

i just wonder why I got to think of this, it seems that everytime I met a christian bad things happen to me, cut of friendship obstacle that takes away something for me, it's like they are main reason for my curse! but then again it's just me, i just feel everytime i come across them something shitty always happens.

air cond is in the office is also kind of cold, makes me feel sleepy sometimes, it's alot to complain about but i have my reasons, anyway next checkpoint is CF 2013, i guess shud expect some reunion over there other than that nothing else to expect.

shud I stop complaining? i might sounds immature for me at my age but what can i do about it? I will think about it

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