Thursday, December 12, 2013

further updates

10 30 pm

alright so whats new?

my pay cheque got bounced back to me, other co worker had the same problem but ghazi have written to us new cheque and hopefulyl this get solvled, and next is I think I have no proper work at the moment, I have been taken of little sciencetist and probably working on all previous models for vantura, and I didn't even express interest in it at all.

anyway I previously went to icls to ask bout my intermediate 3 exam and wow, I think I am lost in progress that kind of shit, the exam paper was nowhere and i think my sensei forget about me lol, kinda have to try get things together again.

other things are my intern and 1 both getting to know each other, normal stuff you can expect in a animation studio hehe, she asked me if gancho studio is going to keep me for next year but i sad i relly have no idea, i guess thats all for now, until further updates

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