Wednesday, January 1, 2014


10 30 pm

it's finally the start of 2014, the new year, should be a whole new begining, willing to change and accept something new, but here I am feeling the total opposite. 2013 pass me by like lightn ing and now it's aldready 2014, I don't feel any different from the previous year, the cycle goes on like this.

latest updates are that this year there will be new contracts coming in for the 1st 5 artist and epf deduction, for me it's an entirely diff story, I was told issunderstandings my salary would be lowered to myr 2k which is less of concern to me, but i would still be under a 1 month probation, official or not official. because of some missunderstandings they are giving me 1 month to work on speed, i'm not sure where the whole complains are coming from relly but I'm pretty sure the upper staff need to be clear on the situation. but i did ask my supervisor this, if he wanted me to stay of to leave, and he's reply would be for me to stay.

I never want to argue my case because i knew people cannot be reason with, even if we tried but for now i keep low profile and do my job, I'm relly prepared to be let go either way, because this is reality and I will not run away from it fair game or not.

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