Wednesday, January 8, 2014

8 days after new year

11 pm

it's been 8 days since new year and here's whats new

I'm deciding whether or not shud consider going to auckland for che's graduation, i got 1 more month probation until any further news, but i am seriously not giving heck about that anymore, what happens after that I will just go with the flow, i found my purpose in life and I won't ask for anything more.

I did however learn a few more things while working in malay company for 1st time, not all their skills are low and lame, some of them have certain skills and use of logic, some of them don't, but they all lack 1 thing in common, some good management skills. it's also been awhile since i did anything creative and ideas for myself but i am putting that on hold for moment because I hardly have reason to do it right now.

i probably will during the holliday season, at moment, I'm trying to pickup where i left off for japanese and art training which is supposed to be continues, what i covered in ganchos under a technical director ashraf azlan is 3d texture painting, game texture mapping is what he teaches me, very technical and not much on artistic area, I think that part I will have to teach him.

i will just try and finish my last probation in this 1 month thats all i know for now, i'm also been praying so hard to find a gf i wil like, wow it seems to becoming very hard lol, guess i should not think too much.

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