Sunday, August 31, 2014

Legend of Korra

4 43 pm

okei so further updates

recently got legend of korra season 3 animation and it looks good, i missed out season 2 and trying to find season 2, now trying to dl dawn of planet of the apes

also i have not share much of possesion for long time so i will post up some small update on the storyboard for the trailer, it has gone through major changes because the last time i reviewed it again, it felt boring to me so i revised the visuals and cinematography.

as usual it's rough, because storyboards are supposed to look like to get the story idea down fast, so far this is the latest, i thinking of changing it again small adjustment so that it's more easier to understand and it wont look like it's part of a long show when you are watching it. I also decided that all artwork i created for possesion for now will just stay in lineart, color wise i will decide much later.

other updates, I will be posting abit later

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