Wednesday, December 17, 2014

so far

9 33 pm

its almost end of the year and probably i can recap whats happened in 2014.

1. I was asked to leave Gancho studio all because The so called Creative Director and Managing Director had somethin agains't me, also a backstabber over there. but i'm glad i left
2. i was on holliday for over 6 months until I was employed by backbone, currently more than 2 months here and still around..
3. I lost a tham family relative this year.
4. My older cousin sister from tham family got married this year.
5. one of my friends from lifeway is returning to auckland.
6. almost all my high school friends are getting married
7. mom wants to buy a new car to replace the camry

i'm thinking applying for year end leave to renew my passport so that when need to go to Japan no need to wait for suitable time

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