Wednesday, March 18, 2015

different path

3 03 pm

it's only been 2 weeks since i started helping in the family bussiness, recently i was counselling a fresh out of spm, science student about life as a artist and course in 3d Animation. first time ever, i'm not sure if i want to do that again.

another thing that have been on my mind lately is about artist being  exploited and not wanted to be paid to do their freelance or job even like another salaryman. this been happening lately and it's relly very annoying. sometimes our salary get pulled lower than any other price and alot gets demanded out of us, even artist exploit other artist, i'm really find this very unfair. a 3D artist gets told off for not being able to produce epic artwork and we're told to get a huge cut but expected to produce amazing work. I won't mind if they cannot afford the price but even not paying an artist is bad enugh, reality check here is that nobody works for free, not even artist work for free.

next update is probably my japanese intermediate 2 exam, I actually failed it again even if I actually passed, reason was very simple, according to ICLS exam policy, a passing grade of 60 and above for the first test is required to reach the nxt level, the 2nd exam requirement is to achieve a passing mark of 80 and above, sucks right?

but anyway, whats done is done i have  to wait another 3 months before the next class and i need to check with ICLS about afternoon classes, meanwhile, i have to continue building on my artwork.

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