Wednesday, March 25, 2015

so far

4 37 pm

well, so far what have happened, i enquire with a tutor in Media Design School with my reel and the feedback i got was I might not be able to enter year 2, so i was advised to email MDS directly. but before thinking about doing that, i wonder to myself, is it really worth it going back in Animation? I mean do I really want to put myself thru struggle again and job searching?

really very troublesome, the jerks and egoistic people i met in my industry, really not worth it at all, even if i have plans, i did go there, i'm planning to return instead of work there. work here instead and earn my living.

as for whats happening now, I helped mom edit a marketing video for her presentation, i'm not sure what else will happen.

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Thanh Toan Phan said...

hi cy tham, i tried to find a way to contact with you personally but hopeless. I need to ask u something about 3D modeling, if you dont mind please give me your email or whatever that i can send a message to you. Thank you.