Sunday, July 17, 2016

Back and restless

12 13 am

alright so it's past midnight and i'm typing in this useless update of my life.

so here are few things happening,

1. i'm unpacking my clothes which is obvious, i also calculating my living cost and how much i spent in Japan overall on my trip with flight fees and accomodation. and other stuffs. also busy uploading photos of my trip.

2. i was offered a position in Animonsta but beg to differ twice already and i have feeling that i lost it already so i will move on.

3. my class starts next week and i have a feeling this time i will not make it, but i want that to happen because i need to learn.

4. I have a schedule interview on next wednesday with a company that does animation production, my reel is not good but i have to show something, that looks dissappointing.

5. last not least, i'm hoping that i know where to go with my life, i cannot stay unemployed forever, the holliday to japan was a good break after nearly 3 years since i returned from NZ, but i need to make a change now.

anyway there is alot happening in my mind now that i cannot explain, i'm worried about many things that i don't want to talk about, i will just leave it at that.

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