Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Tokyo haneda, ikebukuro

11 55 am

well raya just started and i done one of the few things in mylist, visited Japan before i die. took alot ofphotos but no souvenir. so here's the photo journal of my begining journey in the land of the rising sun which everyone did before.

going to departure gate at KLIA2

looking at the plane from another gate, not my plane

waiting for departure

landed at Haneda International, it's like 11 pm at night, very quiet, ran through alot of turbulence before landing

a consturcted miniture of nihonbashi at the terminal

Edo koji, a spot for tourist to look around when bored or waiting for flight

passengers sleeping at international terminal for their flight out, it was 2 am and i had to sleep at the airport for the night.

then it was 5 am, i was planning my train route to the hostel, really could not sleep at all.

by 5 am it was bright outside, you could see roughly tokyo from the airport, and it was raining.

took some photos of nihonbashi shortly before leaving, the had pictures of edo period japan on the wall

another photo of nihon bashi before leaving the airport

taking the monorail for Haneda to my hostel, more coming

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