Wednesday, January 30, 2019

got kicked out from a training programme

10 24 pm

some updates.

1. alot of people going back for cny
2. i recently got kicked out from the GETS vfx programme, so i will not continue after my last training day.
3. i am talking alot  with chern earn today, i feel that i need to develop our relationship more, i look forward to saying i like talking to her.
4. I at least have more time to revise for japanese and get myself ready for exam.
5. thinking of applying for the 3d modeling and unity course where i can get an upgrade.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

MARA training

9 42 pm

latest updates.

1. training continue but i am still working in Nuke! no 3D yet
2. new intern come in
3. Japanese continue 2moro.
4. high school buddy got married.
5. my new goal, get girlfriend, don't care how i do it.
6. got a chance work with someone after this training finish.