Saturday, March 23, 2019

so angry

12 05 pm

i need to get this out, i don't care what anyone think, but this my blog and my right. so complain about me if you want to

1. in my industry there is already enough problems, don't add to that problem.
2. so new starters already make themselve painted target with me, i will meet them in future and i will destroy them

3. i don't see what email etiqquette have to this with an application, you simply just entered my fuck you list already. i already know how to destroy you difference is you not getting killed or bombed.
4. i'm having a meet and catch up with a buddy next monday.
5. continue my advance 7 japanese.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Advance 7

1 19 pm

saturday and here is some updates.

1. i passed the advance 6 exam, im surprised now i am in advance 7.
2. had a phone interview.
3. still working on my character lighting.
4. not sure what to do at moment other than keep moving forward

also feel abit lost. canot get even 1 date at all. 他妈的!