Monday, August 28, 2017

bad news

7 40 am

okay some updates.

1. the offer from Sasbadi is been pull back because i failed animation test.
2. i applied to codemasters, a few other companies for animation position.
3. got this application call hello talk to meet more japanese.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

possible offer

4:08 am

okay, last time since any updates

1. i got an offer from some small company in Sasbadi, as a 3D artist, and possible an interview for another company called gameka.
2. in advance 2 now and i just learn my exam is at october.
3. made some new buddies at ICLS, both are form beginner level.
4. decided to take the internship at Japan, success or not depends on them.


there is this translation device called  Illi thats translates everything you say into japanese or any other language, that little thing is really very good. 

anyway, thats all for now

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Burn bridge

12 am

some updates

1. expected my last day is 30th june, he should have just let me go, but i guess i should glad monday and tuesday are holliday.
2. send letter to sook mee kuan with apologees to her to see if i could still take the apprentice, and email to lotta animation, not sure if anything will happen.
3. passed my japanese exam.
4. will collect any stuff i have for the next 3 days i guess then leave.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

an important day

11 26 pm

okay some updates.

1. today is an important day, the day i was born.
2. i was given a warning by chong hing and i expect him to deliver his final warning on 15th june, my last day is probably 30th.
3. japanese revision next thursday and on 22nd.
4. i applied for lecturer and animator position at arte academy and anima point.

lastly i'm decided that i will find myself a nice girl.

end of story

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Mcube and life so far

3 54 pm

some updates

1. it's been 2 weeks at Mcube, already alot of work to do and missed 2 deadlines.
2. bought new headset after 6 years using AVF, not sure when mine is going to K.O, my laptop is but i sense it will return to me and i can still use my new headset.
3. trying to spend my holliday well before it finished.

Sunday, April 16, 2017


10 40 pm

1. well, work starts 2moro
2. some interesting programme to watch

some strangers in japan meetup and kiss each other for 4 times, they dont talk until after that moment, so nice, i wish got that kind of stuff happen here. in fact i will go there everyday and enjoy myself haha!
3. my right arm shoulder hurts.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Mcube ventures

11 40 am

so updates.

1. i signed the offer letter from mcube. i could have done for codemasters, but i cannot take 2 offers, i'm sad say i have to sacrifice 1. my probation lasting 3 months, after that they can decide my fate for me.
2. my progress in the Advance 1 class is hard to say, i keep attending class at moment and make sure i study. i  need to pass this level.
3. i will not be going to japan until a year later or maybe 2 years later.