Saturday, March 23, 2019

so angry

12 05 pm

i need to get this out, i don't care what anyone think, but this my blog and my right. so complain about me if you want to

1. in my industry there is already enough problems, don't add to that problem.
2. so new starters already make themselve painted target with me, i will meet them in future and i will destroy them

3. i don't see what email etiqquette have to this with an application, you simply just entered my fuck you list already. i already know how to destroy you difference is you not getting killed or bombed.
4. i'm having a meet and catch up with a buddy next monday.
5. continue my advance 7 japanese.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Advance 7

1 19 pm

saturday and here is some updates.

1. i passed the advance 6 exam, im surprised now i am in advance 7.
2. had a phone interview.
3. still working on my character lighting.
4. not sure what to do at moment other than keep moving forward

also feel abit lost. canot get even 1 date at all. 他妈的!

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

got kicked out from a training programme

10 24 pm

some updates.

1. alot of people going back for cny
2. i recently got kicked out from the GETS vfx programme, so i will not continue after my last training day.
3. i am talking alot  with chern earn today, i feel that i need to develop our relationship more, i look forward to saying i like talking to her.
4. I at least have more time to revise for japanese and get myself ready for exam.
5. thinking of applying for the 3d modeling and unity course where i can get an upgrade.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

MARA training

9 42 pm

latest updates.

1. training continue but i am still working in Nuke! no 3D yet
2. new intern come in
3. Japanese continue 2moro.
4. high school buddy got married.
5. my new goal, get girlfriend, don't care how i do it.
6. got a chance work with someone after this training finish.

Saturday, December 8, 2018


6 18 am

abit update

1. helped moved things from 2nd floor of the office to the 3rd floor. idoits, they should do it themselve
2. they not yet setup a servers, i hope they will upgrade they computers and allow me to do 3D.
3. it's already december and i'm not still employ, but this training have make me forgot i am not employ.
4. what will happen for future i really don't know.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Vfx training, Japanese and Interview

7 17 am

some latest updates

1. 3 months since i started vfx training with MARA corporation doing nuke only, compare to 2011 when i was study oveseas at auckland, i explore more in detail the tools for nuke and compositing for nuke. i am suppose to start advanced vfx depending on MARA accept Pang proposal.
2. I have interview on friday for position of Animator, thinking if i should reschedule to next week.
3. currently at Advanced japanese 6, do more speech and learning more different and new words.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Vfx training & Michelle

9 44 pm

okay some updates.

1. second day for vfx training, i did tracking on live footage success well abit.
2. i met with michelle for the first time and feel like it was first time i also speak with her even if we were talking or 2 years. i think she is unhappy if i post like this
3. hope that things go well between me and her, i want to get to know her better abd hoprefulyl she doesn't mind seeing me again.
4. meanwhile appying more post and getting interview if i can.