Saturday, December 31, 2011


is sunday first day of new year

i was reading on star online news about the new bill that will by pass into parliament.

here is the link, I dunno whether to say is good or bad, but some of it sound like good to me, good like how good are the changes and can it help the people that they won't complain like a bitch, the nation is happy and not asking too much, and the goverment did a survey and research.

because last year, KL was at so many problems.

also same old problems with anwar, talk cock and no walk, takes part in anything to do with getting attention and then he falls down and everyone look at him like he is shit. But I think about it he is a piece of shit, look at how he behave, I rather not have him run any office, you stupid baka, even your own nation thinks you are nothing but rubbish, you still alive? only reason you still alive si probably because of someone still loyal to you is supporting you.

if someone doesn't kill you. just wonder if those changes are make any effect good or bad, even if comes from najib, and honestly najib I dun care about your elections.


it's now year 2012! 2011 is all over! and i watched tin tin movie yesterday!
the movie is nice, the lighting and mood was good, the jokes are very entertaining, the lip sync good editing.

now I think the new year started I have few things to do, but i think first day of new year I want to rest. I went to look for flats, I finish my animation reel, I applied to jobs and I tried to check wit immigration to get my visa, only immigration part fail so many times.

next I think I will deal with visitor visa they sent to me.

next year I do more simple stuff, I will keep looking for rooms, and handle interview if got any interview, I will also try and find way to send my visa application.

other than that have a happy new year!

Monday, December 26, 2011

taiwan movie

got 1 more interesting stuff here I can share, one of my friend's from taiwan shown me this movie, it's abotu taiwan history, and the original native. very simple story outline I can explain, the japanese colonize taiwan before, and the native taiwan wane to fight back.

this is the movie trailer

this video is another of the trailer

this video below are interview with the main cast

Thursday, December 22, 2011

more things to do

it's 23 dec, new year is coming and this year pass by so fast, I finish my studies at lifeway, everything happen so fast.

che is here at auckland, I'm applying for jobs, looking at rooms, dealing with immigration about my visa >.<

I feel so headache, i wonder if next wat I am rushing for, wat will happen next wat will do I next? 2moro I am going to see 2 rooms at the city, 1 at kingston street and 1 more at union street, 1 at 5 pm and other at 7 pm

i hope when come back tat time can at least stop pass newmarket or am on the right buss. look for manukau road this time and not onehunga. Meanwhile I also still working on my personal animation, I want to get myself normal job but not sure how long can keep it until student visa expire, I will think about it fast

Sunday, December 18, 2011

resident evil

another game trailer done by Blur Studio, it have good render and the animation is acceptable, i think is worth sharing, I have already seen this trailer.

anyway, I have email my animation reel and resume off to oktobor, huhu studios and albedo, I dun relly expect anythings haha but I tr my best to get a job loh, che is coming up to auckland in 6 days time and joon kor and family is going back to Kl on 25th dec.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

metal gear rising

it's 10 47 pm, epsom, I was at city today to meet wit my friends from lifeway animation course, had fun for 3 and half hours at city with ryan, andreas and fernando, year 3 hours of fun at city is enough, eat some lunch and then finally return to epsom.

I bought a hop card tat use for transport here, I want to check about the card balance 2moro, the stupid balance show $ 0.00 dollars, and I paid nzd 40 dollars. either got problem or I have to go fix the problem, alter if I want to use again then how I check my balance rite? takkan I visit city eat all my 10 dollars in 1 day, and my other card reload oso no balance.

anyway got some interesting stuff here can share about metal gear game, it's called rising, the story is modern time and focussed alot of war, moral principle and conflict, but less philosophy.

I just finish upload my animation to facebook, now I just have to finish my resume and then soon email off to all the company to apply for job >.<

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Epsom, Auckland

4 45 pm Epsom

I haved from snells beach to my cousin house at epsom, after finish my last class at lifeway, febuary until december is so fast, i feel tat 1 year pass by so fast.

I felt quite sad tat I kena leave lifeway actually, not because I like lifeway but because, I had family there. i din see them for 1 day now, will be 2 weeks I didn see them, I think after I moved out even from epsom I will miss my nephews and this place.

anyway, my final animation is finish,I got my diploma from toa and my documents from lifeway, I try to talk to my friends at lifeway and only 1 responds to me >.< feel so homesick from lifeway, this months I will rest abit as I can, next week I plan to maybe go for a walk, around epsom and finally I will think about calling immigration nz about applying for job search visa. lastly I will finish editing my animation reel properly.

wat else am I thinking about? hm maybe next after tat is looking for my own flat, I keep shortling but I think maybe soon I will email them to ask about the flat.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

last day of class

10 33 am

snells beach, finally is the last day of class, I submitted my animation to server, with my dvd burn, still packing my clothes today, isaac go back to auckland and then 2moro joon kor have to pick me up.

haih I dun like to do moving house man, so damn annoying, hope everything can work 2moro and can move out

Thursday, December 1, 2011


it's 2/12/2011

almost 1 year have pass, since I started to study here in new zealand as international student, met international student from other countries. learn to speak english and sounds so weird haha because I always speak cantonese at home. learn about different culture and try to learn new things.

study animation in different country like new zealand is so different than KL, different learning environment, different way of teaching and system, everything all different. I think most different of all is next year, I can speak cantonese again when I move to epsom , I will get my job search visa and I will looking for a job

my friends from 1st yar will return to Japan, Beijing and 1 have gone back to taiwan. I'm sure that I will not see her again until well, not sure, I'm sure I won't see her again

anyway i am linking my last animation here to share!

polish animation

there 明年见!