Tuesday, November 30, 2010

the Apple invasion

the Ipad invasion, previously was Iphone

2 56 am, i'm awake and writing this shitz again, but there have been something new lately, and that is on going trend in malaysia, other than young people and sometimes 30 something year old people facebooking in places like starbucks, coffee bean or anywhere(my god we malaysians really got nothing better to do, seriously, I bet anything new come out sure malaysian buy it) that has Wifi, you know what? no wonder most malaysians cannot get their work done on time and are considered slow.

2nd thing I noticed is the Ipad invasion in malaysia, especially in Selangor, Subang Jaya, Petaling Jaya and KL area, they been selling it at first now they plan to sell alot of it in malaysia, lanjiao wei! so we are malaysians that buy stuff that are cool and expensive for show and probably are more trendy than anyone else, ma hai, kiasu wei!

okei, say that the Ipad has got Wireless internet access, say that it is like PDA, the portable version that is like the size of a women's handbag and that it's like your digital organizer, but it's not going to function like a multimedia gadget to us all, the cost leh? range 1579 - 2599 MYR but I suppose if you are taylor's, or rich man son or daughter you will buy it even if you dun nid it.

next off is some interesting stuff, i have an offer from Lifeway College, I'm reallyu hoping to get there by febuary if my mother isn't purposely delaying my studies! i'm majoring digital character animation and conceptual rendering, in the near future, I hope that after studies, I would be able to compile my student demoreel and get offer for internship in new zealand work there and learn their skills.

then tin time I will decide if I evern want to return to m'sia, but 1st thing is get my ass over there!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

cut off

okei, Im writing something here for real, it's not about m'sia, its not about anything stupid but, it's about the value of friendship which I think is really important in life which I find it that sometimes most ppl undervalue or fail to understand it or do not know how to fucking appreciate it.

3 things have already happened to me this year in my life about friendship that have dissappointed me, and really pissed me of like never before and I have to avoid skinning your ass alive during this time period because I got more important things to handle, so let me just say this alright?

friends are people who are part of our everyday life, they make part of your life, there to teach you, there to learn beside you, understand you and help you when they feel your troubles, friends are also the ppl who don't fucking give up on you and they never turn their back on you when you fell down and need a hand to get the fuck back up on your feet.

they are trustworthy people who deserve your respect and patience and most of all some of your attention! I find it that I was hurt so many times already that sometimes these poeple who are just friends who just show up in your life out of nowhere and then decide to not even know you or get along but ignore you because they think you somehow don't deserve to be even talking to them? these type of friends to me I have met and known many times and really don't deserve any type of friendship at all! they are nothing more than worthless scumbag!

so again let me remind everyone one more time, "seriously, I appreciate my friends, also family , relatives and cousins, because they make a part of my life! wherever I am whenever I am!! they teach me something I can learn and they never gave up on me, and I never want to give up on them! you are also worth more than money to me! but if you're the type that will not value friendship and simple treat it like it's rubbish and be that fucked up and hurt others and me, I promise you, do not meet me or or even bother to know me! do not even introduce yourself to me or other friends of mine! I don't want to fucking know you! I don't want to understand you! I don't want to fucking even bother with your worthless life or your troubles! I don't even fucking care if you live or die! fuckers like you are just way lower than even rubbish!

I do mean it! if I sense you are that sort of person I won't mix with you, because I tolerated this for long enough. GET IT?! good hopefully in the next thread I have something more better to talka bout 8D

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

North and South Korea

that's news, typical news, after many years of continued peace between the 2 sides, a small flare suddenly started up a firefight, let's hope they are not going to shoot at each other anymore, I prefer if this whole world will have no world war and smaller conflicts, it's really a time for peace dude.

as for me updates? I'm going for some interview soon, some guys from the advertising line wish to interview me dunno why but I guess I can spare some time since I'm not doing so much.

Monday, November 22, 2010

lifeway college

it's monday, I just met Craig Hanson today, who's the principal of lifeway college, nice person we spoke like normal ppl, I got to now more about lifeway college work, best part is we get to know each other.

but I look forward to learning something over there, and I really look forward to getting feedback that can tell me I really should learn properly, the kind of feedback that tell me not to shiok sendiri, go and explore, forget the rulez and try it out 8D

he's first message to me was "At lifeway, you learn to work in a group, learn to work together, learn and teach each other" that sounds really amazing to me.

I was introduced to the Bachelor of Digital Media course, which covers really in depth stuff about CG projects in industry, and the outlines of the syllabus, wow, I think it really describe how much new zealand filmakers and Weta Digital have go through to write this syllabus out and introduce to Lifeway College.

it's really alot of stuff man when I read the brochure and subjects outline, covering areas of Stereoscopic, VFX CG in Live action(match moving, camera tracking and intergrating cg into live action, green and blue screen matte)and game content development, stuff that is abit hard for me to learn but need time to catch up.

the major I am choosing is the diploma in advanced 3d animation which cover character animation, full scale character rigging(argh!), storytelling, cinematography with some minor compositing work. jesus, honestly man, if I read that syllabus on bachelor of digital media again 1+3 years, I feel like as if I'm already at weta doing all that kind of work.

other than that I hope that my application can make it through and I can really get into lifeway college to make it for the febuary intake

Thursday, November 18, 2010

some some surprise and dissappointment

now there is something interesting topic to talk about sometimes other than ranting about useless stuff you don't want to hear in malaysia whole damn time, this happens very rare in malaysia and mostly in singapore and other countries from what I hear.

It's about flash mobs are events or small occations that happen randomly people appear to do something out of nowehre end when they are finished the return as if nothing happened, random when you aren't aware but in truth well executed and planned before it starts. I never seen them before but can say I look forward to joining 1 assuming when someone with a iterest starts 1 in the near future

here's a link to the video


surprising industry news

hey I'm not sure if is just me or wat but, during the past couple of days, life have been very slow and that there were thing that really got on my nerves for the past couple of times, but this time I noticed a slight changed in malaysia that got my attention. it was really unexpected.

very recent only I noticed every goddamn MSC status company I knew before or know that, has been posting repeated jobs on their company website as well as job recruitment sites, even the interional company plus local companies, local non major companies of course, mostly in the cg art industry are on hardcore recruiment, it's the 1st time I ever seen such a thing happening, it's not common to see a post about recruitment but, it's not very common to see them all going on full scale and frequent recruitment postings.

I never seen anything like this before, from Rhytm and Hues, to Frame Motion Studio, to Poly Assets, to Shock 3D, to Silver Ant(maybe), Intelture, Igloo, Les Copaque minus the advertising line, it's make them seem like they is hardly anyone working for them at all? has the creative field/cg industry here really less on people? has the pool suddenly gone dry? I didn't believe that there is either anyone at all.

just how desperate are they at this moment? there was a time when they just can't give nuts about their manpower, well I know codemasters can't really care less now, they take care of their own, does Malaysia take care of her own people? I remember there was a time when even the industry ppl wanted me out, they wanted to keep me out, they in fact wanted me as far away as I can be, and now they are sending out this message like their life depends on it.

is our nieghbour singapore stealing away our brains by offering them a much higher salary? it's like a silent emergency going on in malaysia at the moment at they seem to panick like they wish someone will fill that empty cup.

ps: randy, you seems ot have learned something about CSS rite? can teach me how to add the shoutmix to my blog?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

either wtf occasion or historical moment

here I am, 10 43 am in the morning, tying out this shitz when I shud be doing my freelance job to chase the dateline until I decided to read some online artice from rage, seem like a sister site to staronlien that covers others side news, whaty caught my attention was that for no apparent reson there was a highlight for "The Facebook Movie" I was like wtf? you can't be serious? we all know it's very big and popular, we know its famous among US citizens, asia and malaysian. probably a big leapt for social networking industry and the web but, I dunno how to say la, I guess it's fair to put in history of men that if something lidat has strong attention it can have the right to get publicity?

anyway here the link http://rage.com.my/writeups/story.asp?file=/2010/11/17/rage_events/20101116170333&sec=rage_events

anyway, I need to get back to my job now else I will be late

Saturday, November 13, 2010

another culture in malaysia

alright, we heard some of the local new in Malaysia talking about goverment, slander, racism, religious crap, murder crime and so on, but this is disappointing to most family sins. and it's always the money lending part, he worse when it comes to loan sharks and bad part is letting their parents down or hurting them.

this video talks about "ah longs" and the poeple who loaned money from then either for pleasure in life or to enjoy life, but without consious that their family are the ones that pay the price, I have to say it's relly disappointing when yr children just disappoint you like that in 1 shot after years you spend teaching them, keeping them alive, paying for the education and putting food on the table when they are hungry, giving them medical treatment when they are sick, giving the loving care as a parent, and their children show this kind of responsiblity?

it's really sad, the odds of 2 malaysians age 24 years old. now that makes me wonder, do these people ever care about their friends? family? relatives and even their own lives? I know about my own past mistakes but this really would tick me off if I am a parent.

I just wish that in the future the younger generation would have better sense of life and learn to appreciate their parents abit more than just making this kind of stupid decisions.

Monday, November 8, 2010

batch 78 & 75 graduation night

from left tan kwan yew, hana, teh yi ling and gerad

from left Hafiz, randy, jonathan chong and kwan yew

from left dang ek jon, jacky lau and samseng

from left chong chau giar, benjamin cheong and jacky

jonathan chong, randy and me

Aaron Bryan Chin and me

Nikky Quek with Gerad Rimos, both my classmates

gerad rimos with ee ann

me and my classmate gerad rimos, one of the relly awesome character animation students

it 11 am and here I finally can post up photos from the 78 & 75 graduation night, it was relly good to see everyone again 8D

Sunday, November 7, 2010


yesterday was graduation ceremony for 2010 75 and batch 78, it was cool to meet up again with everyone else 8D post some photos soon

Friday, November 5, 2010

what now?

another post the next day to hightlight something else, some article which I read online and maybe something else to talk about. hm this is the available link :


is this for real, of is the goverment trying to make another mock up story to relief m'sians of our suck ass economy? because from what's happening I seen in the market so far is only attracting inflation, the cause and effect of overspending that causes prices to rise excluding local purchase of any foreign brand like we ada any local brand worth buying. our own people so far young or old mostly young are attractive to overseas brand names like ibook, iphone and blackberrt I starting to see alot of it in selangor mostly. buying alot of these surprisingly apple branch is not increasing their price buy makes our local economy look bad! we only know how to purchase and not have good use for it.

so sad man, I bought my asus laptop 2 years ago because I needed a mobile computer to do work and I use it almost everytime to do work, go online and even listen to music, I own an ipod shuffle so that i dun have to carry heavy stuff on my to listen tq music, use it everyday haha buy it once use it for life I just need to take care of it

the link in the charts have stated their we're topped singapore? lol I'm only half convinced becuase I been to SG twice di gua, I seen that they actually possess no natural resources so they have been making due end with it for years, which means they are forced to spend every sg dollar they make, like my high school friend told me, in sg everything is about money. saying we topped sg in financial balance and are behind US and UK, blugh like any of that is true!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

what happened to me?

hello there, it's 2 08 am at night, and here I am typing after some long spell not typing, 1st and foremost, it's shitting hot tonight, damn it, mother nature could not have picked a better night to heat ppl up. 2 comic fiesta in december and it's ticket is cost about myr 15 worth it, going to see if I can get friends, my sister and a date to go along with me 8D

can't attend the next animation talk because it's too EXPENSIVE for me to go. but the good news is I managed to send my application to lifeway college in new zealand, complete my student demoreel and doing something of mine own plus some freelance work. Anyway is been awhile and I'm going to post up some shit here.

I got into a classical mood and decided to try something many young artist never relly try and that's old record player, i seen alot of guns, firearm, vehicles and maybe kickass stuff but not much classical things, so i tot I would try and being artistic about this go for the challenge, it's was worth it 8D, I had some refference here, ad then made my own version of a record player.

graduation night will be on 7th november, 2nd time I bloody graduated, just going there for the sake of meeting everyone chit chat and makan 8D

front and 3/4 view