Sunday, August 31, 2014

Legend of Korra

4 43 pm

okei so further updates

recently got legend of korra season 3 animation and it looks good, i missed out season 2 and trying to find season 2, now trying to dl dawn of planet of the apes

also i have not share much of possesion for long time so i will post up some small update on the storyboard for the trailer, it has gone through major changes because the last time i reviewed it again, it felt boring to me so i revised the visuals and cinematography.

as usual it's rough, because storyboards are supposed to look like to get the story idea down fast, so far this is the latest, i thinking of changing it again small adjustment so that it's more easier to understand and it wont look like it's part of a long show when you are watching it. I also decided that all artwork i created for possesion for now will just stay in lineart, color wise i will decide much later.

other updates, I will be posting abit later

Thursday, August 28, 2014


10 25 pm

okei so here is more updates

1. been interviewing around KL area and cyberjaya.

2. received call from vision animation again today  and the HR there mentioned 2nd interview to be arranged next week, or so not sure, i will call again maybe to find out.

3. I plan to finish this test i have with glow production this weekend so i can start rendering and able to compile it and have it sent to ryan wong by next monday.

quite bit happened since i have any update but i will share abit more soon

Saturday, August 16, 2014


12 am

okei it's sometime alrdy and i need to post an update

1. my z brush classes in undo are over and I finished the workshop. but i relly learned something and i can use it well.

2. have an interview nxt week with stringray productions at Kepong, not expecting anything.

3. currently doing my test with glow production, honestly, im not sure if i can get it done properly, quite slow on modeling at moment.

thats all for now, wish i can share more but running on time limit.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

latest update

6 33 pm

another saturday and wondering next what will happen, well here is next updates

1. been rejected by lemonsky after completing their test, i kind of expected that anyway, nothing less, that will be the last time i apply to lemonsky.

2. sook me kuan from codemaster contacted me again urging me to go over to their office for interview practise but i updated her with the surprising news that MDEC never shortlisted me for interview in first place and my status was showing shortlisted in their website.

3. i applied to glow production, no idea what will happen after that, also applying to streamline somewhere around  this week, need to prepare my next reel.

4. just learn to render in z brush, all it took was a click of a button in z brush and wasn't so difficult >.<, anyway here is a what i learned

and more to come! stay tune!