Saturday, May 29, 2010


it's 2 17 am and I'm lbogging like mad these few days, neway, I'm on breaking point here in my life on something, I realised that I found a way to distract myself by looking at my connection with other ppl some 4 years back, people whom I lost contact with but amazingly they still remember me, wow, still friends huh?
I got several meet ups to make for the next 2 weeks despite my work schedule, time for major chnage in my life again. got a feeling after this few months, it's all going to change forever and that I will understand more about friendship than before, is this what life is trying to show me since my down moments?
that even from that long years of little talk and connection that our small bonds or forgotten bonds we still can remember each other? I'm amazed alot about the meaning of friendship even if sometimes I think I can undertand abit about it.
anway in couple hours time I will begin work on the main character and finish everything by late night sunday then press on to more urgent matters, I was also reading on ubisoft lately, and been thinking about how about my future career after this.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

it's 8 44 am and I had no mood to do my final project so I decided to sculpt practise and for fun and lookie what I came out with XD, yah looks cute and stupid eh? haha I was abit piss mad just now about something then I decided to release out my anger and draw in z brush, I'm still learning that programme on my own free time
haih got to pay the streamyx bill later, ebtetr than last minute forget about it, and got to think about my showreel for future.


it's 3 43 am and it's another quiet night at home, mom is still at penang and I'm in the middle of my anim project, now I just want to ask myself something here before I come across another crossroad.
I remember the day i entered toa and now, who I was before and now, what I am now and kind of person I will be 10 years again down the years. will I still be that same person? or life changes me again, I can make this simple.
when I left big red creative, It was a right choice to make when I entered toa I was thinking it wasn't the right decision but damn it wasn't the wrong decision, now I'm at another junction where I will be making my next decision. seems typical to me but now I'm thinking ahead again and I jsut want to say these.
I met some ppl who became good friends and teachers to me even if they were younger, and those old friends of mine, you suddenly forgotten what friendship means to you and decided to throw away the value of friendship in yr life, normally I would trash you for doing such things but I reconsider my actions as not so mature and someday you will be that person lying at that corner at the most lonely part of the world forgetting what your friends really mean to you.
I jsut came back from hell or a ditch which ppl consider typical, but after that I realised I did some optimistic stuff hoping to change and not to be worse, what I really would want is that if I change, it's in a good way and that I still am able to help a friend in desperate times.
hooi ling who I look forward to calling mommy in the lab really makes an awesome head of the department, I relly think I shud ask her about helping me get a spot in ubisoft in the future as career, okeilah, my understanding of the animation principles are not great or godlike but, I need to believe now I can do it.
before I was a very young and ambitious but stubborn jerk who knew nothing about life and never value much of his family and friends, who only stayed focus in his career and could not even be recognized by his friends anymore. I think i'm been given only 1 chance to change in life and this is that chance or I would never learn anything, I don't think life will ever lead me to 2nd chances, grab it or miss it
several times I noticed that I cross paths with certain people that jsut happens in life, I never noticed it till abit later, life tries to tell me something but not directly and I realise that later I'mve been given a choice, if I can understand the message take it or leave it be, never wait.
now I just wonder, what's the next cross road? when is the next life changing moment? and who do I cross paths with in the next few years? and what kind of ditch am I going to get out of ? hahaha
if there's 1 thing I'm certain about, I'm leaving m'sia soon and I'm not returning unless I have a reason

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I realised I never uploaded any of my animation work in my blog, so for the 1st time I'm actually putting my basic work here, hoping to get some really usefull feedback

I'm focussing on alot of basics in my student life lately, maybe focus so I can push myself to the next level, and find myself a place whenI start work again, i'm also not that good but I think now I can start to believe I can do it.

Friday, May 21, 2010

andrea's dream

the 1st art impression of floating space of andrea's dream, andrea and inner child together

the final artwork for floating space

my revised painting of floating space

2nd art impression of floating space after the 1st

the starting scene where andrea is working

tonight I will be uploading some artwork that our group never shown for our animation, the reason why is because I dun believe no artwork doesn't deserve the right to be show cased even if it's not that great but it deserves some light even if my own artwork haha XD
I will start with some environment designs from andrea's dream, the starting scene and one from other scenes between andrea and inner child
until then I will post bit by bit

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


it's 12 39 am and here I am uploading the animatics for our animation project, to give everyone the idea and rough visual of the story. till then I will find try and find time to upload concept artwork for the animation :

well, this is also the final term for me, and the rest of dg 78, there's one thing I want to say too, i was in toa for 2 years in the one in digital animation and I'm glad I did, training as an art student again and learning and exploring animation along the way. time has past and I'm ending my research studies soon which was expected, one thing I didn't expect to happen in the one was to find romance and confess my feelings with someone close to me who probably will never speak and want to meet me again.

right now I just want to say I'm recalling my last memories of the one before thinking I will complete the animation and disscuss with hooi ling about my further studies and my future career in ubisoft. Most of all, life has changed my mindset again, I will I probably grown more into an artist again than before, life is the reason why I choose to study art, life is why I'm changing, life is why i'm like this, life is why I'm learning and suffering and enduring, being myself and being her friend and knowing her is why I choose to tell her I like her.

end of blog for tonight

Monday, May 17, 2010


4:10 am in the morning, and I'm modeling the main character for Rasierblair final project XD, since I'm having this blog I might as well post something up about it.

the story is simple, the main character's name is andrea wan xiu ling, she's an art student in malaysia and she draw a koi fish as one of her homework, but falls asleep halfway, she wakes up later in her own dreamworld and meets her younger playfull self who is another character called inner child, both wonder about the dreamland and enjoy themselves, as both are resting in her dream, she draws objects in empty space in stars of a koi fish and recalls her memory, as she does this, the inner child interrrupts and tries to distract andrea from herself, the koi fish that is part of her consiounce appears and catches andreas attention to bring her back to her world, conflict happens between inner child and koi fish causing andrea to be confused, inner child tires to make andrea stay in the dream world by summoning elements that andrea dreams of, but the koi fish that cannot talk but communicates with andrea using bubbles telling her that in life, even if we can have fun, we cannot simply ignore our responsiblity in our job, we have to finish what we started. as that happens andrea understand this reason and decides to hug inner child talks to her, as this happens the dreamworld shakes with tremour as we will know that andrea is returning to her world.

wow long story summary I wrote !

anyway, some concept art to support the characters that I'm now putting up, the character all the way above is called inner child, the playfull side of andrea wan, character was designed by my classmate and group member Hui Jia Yung, color test by me.
I will upload the final concept art for the main character soon

Saturday, May 8, 2010


was back at darren's child(church!) today for small while and guess who I saw there? Tan Chong Hing, my ex tutor for jason's class in analytical drawing back in 2008, he was singing prayer songs, I saw him slightly ajar form the door and tot it was him, but when I went in it rely was him! haha
I never seen him sing before and I never seen him more than happy before in his life XD! as was as if he was full of spirit, even after his found his girlfriend! can say it's good to see him again and seeing people happy is a good thing.
also today's is mother's day, will be celebrating dinner later with my grandmother and relatives therefore today should be cheerfull and remembered XD. I will put up photos if I can and if my old camera battery doesn't die on me

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


the night we all were at "the Curve", guess who's back it is XD

these lights looked sogood atnight I just had to take them

darren enjoying his iron man drink XD

me and the girls, I can consider this as cam whoring for the 1st time XD

okei maybe it's not cam whoring but it's a group photo! XD

wow, this is one of my favourite pictures taken during that day, treasure the value of friendship of 2 best friends I know in the one academy, keep treasuring it! I luv you both ! XD

lol fei yan just had to visually squeeze that poor kitten waxed hair lol

it's 5 53 am in the morning and I so awake now, thanks to getting enough rest yesterday night , its abotu 4 more daysbefore my last term at the one starts where I probably will less be blogging. but I care to share what relly been going on in my life

after so many months of not going 2 the cinema this time I went again but in cineleisure instead to watch ironman 2 with some toa friends and my close friend and lecturer, darren. I got alot of previews from friends that iron man 2 wasn't up to expectation but what can I say, the film was amusing, if it weren't for the jokes they had in there and at the right timing I would have pobbaly fallen aslep in the cinema, from what I see, they did very simple cg work and didn't relyl try to push visual technology so much, they did just right, I felt that the story was still trying to maintain itself, and shared some similar moral value like spiderman "After all you done for them all, they will eventually come to hate you" but instead, tony stark made himself look hated.

the girls(wai kwan and fei yan) tagged along for the movie and I felt pictures relly had to be taken before I finish my final term as my long lasting memory with them all. so relly, thank you to darren, fei yan, wai kwan, and other toa friends and church members that make yesterday a great memory! XD.

I'm also going to post up some photos of yesterday in here so, I also apologise for the poor picture since it's taken with a very old digital camera since 2006, yeah I know very damn 0ld right?

Monday, May 3, 2010


next and final term is starting on 10th may and I'm find myself awake at night doing works for final. so here' s a new list.
i'm expecting 2 things to hapenduring next term, the graduaton campaign to my kicking my ass damn hard that I will be busy, after I seen dg 75's phenomena 75 I think I will know my role during our campaigning, I would be a cameraman with a d slr and a 3 CCD camera. our group for final project will be partnered with anothergroup because we're way to small to even help ourselves, I plan to check with aaron bryan chin who's my good mate from G2.
I thinking of compiling all my artwork, and watever animation I have to polish to be sent over to lifeway college in very near end of this year. i'm feel that I'm about to threw something out the window that I relly treasure alot, but since it's my last term before I finish I might as well make the last good use of it here, I'll be able to do something that means something that is valueable. in hopes that others can do the same, other than what I have done recently like what bram has done before and experienced but I still will come out doing good for something.
on wednesday I will joining darren and some friends for iron man 2, before the term starts I just wanna pick to enjoy these wonderfull moments with some friends that I won't forget that are still here if we're still close to each other, these moments we don't want to regret and forget in life.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


it's 7:06 pm, I never felt more than annoyed before in my life and slightly dissappointed, but I'm glad I got rid of some heavy burden on my mind.
anyway I can move on now,I attened phenomena 75 and I think it was great, to meet up with jason loh, johnny tai and the rest again, all the familiar faces, I will post up the pictures real soon, and some stuff I did for my group final project(Rasierblair, our group name).
I will need pick up my mother from KLIA later,aiyah! need to ta yao also stupid, maybe I won't need to ta yao at all anyway screw it la.
next week will be joining darren, johnny marianne and some others for some iron man 2 fun, hopefully it will be as funny as always. other than that end of blog