Friday, July 25, 2014

further updates

8 30 am

alright so for more updates

1. I have completed lemonsky modeling test, whether it's done correctly or not, i simply got no idea, but i am submitting it today whether i like it or not, the rest is up to them.

2. i recently got shortlisted by CILL for interview session but i have not receive any news yet for interview through email, looks like i might missed this it this time.

3. z brush class have been cancelled again, gives me more time to learn and practise i guess, which is good relly, more time to build my knowledge and to create artwork, looks like my ability moves in 3d modeling and sculpting,  i dunno how i will move my animation skills yet.

4. already been applying to jobs, either i get them or nothing

this weeks z brush practise, nothing much, but combination of polypaint, sculpting and autogroping, some amaturish thing

personal project or organic plus machine

Friday, July 11, 2014

CAP and clazroom

5 19 pm



Wednesday, July 2, 2014

new showreel

1 58 pm

it's been awhile since i posted updates but here is latest

1. so i finally completed my new reel for this year, i think i will be spamming so many ppl.

2. I was accepted in codemasters CAP programme, but whether i get support for funding or not different story.

3. I will still spam other companies for in case reason.

here is the new reel, nothing special