Wednesday, August 29, 2018


1 02 pm

some updates.

1. skip 4 japanese class already, missed 4th class because have to give michelle limmy her kit kat but end up ffk.
2. got an offer to attend vfx training by Mara corporation. it's about 6 month + 3 months for on the job training they are saying.
3. have rejected so many times i really startrting to think if apply this vfx training is smart choice or not.
4. today i will comtinue to revision for japanese, i have left my study long time already and ignore.
5. i tried applied to stream line studio and others game company but not success. sometimes i think i maybe cannot enter games industry. well i tried all they do is kick people out.
6. next wednesday i will meet with michelle and hopefulyl can success meet her and give her her kit kat before expire.
7. learning Unity now.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

what is happening

3 29 am

some updates.

1. it's more than 3 months i return from japan, i have 3 interviews already and no offer :_(
2. i pased advance japanese 4 and make it to 5.
3. i meet some asshole in the industry, yes, i am saying asshole, i decided i will bury these assholes seriously.
4. i improving some test i did not finish and will put into my reel again.
5. i try to find work at overseas before and i see that everyone have success to get work except me at overseas, really whats wrong? it is that hard to get a simple job at overseas? whats wrong at that?
6. i will sit for N3 this year if i can make it.