Wednesday, January 30, 2013


3 40 pm

okei further update, i didn't type in this blog for long time ady, so i just got small stuff here to share, i been working on sculpting project lately, just a simple tree, nothing special, i think i will spend alot fo time just to sculpt this piece of work. to making it look good just for scuplting only.

i'm going up to penang on 5th febuary so, i will be bringing this along with other projects with me on that day, will be working on my laptop, going to lag like hell but it's all i have, i just wonder if i will get reply from fly studio for startup.

as for further updates, i am going to still apply other stuffs like concepts just as backup.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

website and fly studio

7 56 pm

new so far, i am going to penang on febuary 5th for cny, i set up my website too and email my best to fly studio for start up programme, silver ant, epics fx studios and finally my concept art to one company that is looking for concept artist.

also good news is my friend taka that graduated from studies success to find a part time job in auckland is looking for fulltime job, i believe he will success to find one, if he does then my view of nz prefer to hire foreign worker from japan, south korea and china is rite.

wat happes for me this year i relly dunno

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

cny 2013

5 57 am

awake again very early, and typing this out, okei had recent family reunion made me feel more happy than before, now it's time for something else today, will keep working on my modeling reel and then hopefully can finish in this month so able to email out by next month.

feels weird that i am betting me reel on just this 1 thing again

this is one of the last progress for my magic lamp

managed to contact my kiwi frens again, seem that they kena tricked not getting their jobs at huhu studios and 1 more person maybe moving to bahrain, i will update more in next few days

Sunday, January 20, 2013

magic lamp

2 pm

at home in subang jaya, success to repair my car gearbox and air cond compressor, my phone boh liao credit, and now i'm doing texturing for my personal projects. hm now i just wonder to myself wa is going to happens in next few months for this whole year.

ah nvm next thing is to tell ah yee i cannot get in touch wit kok foo and then finish my magic lamp, below is the wip

this is the work in progress so far, changed some of the props and sets, added something light glow shine on the magic lamp still alot of work, i think shud be able to finish by this friday if i stay focuss. only objecttive now is, finish this, and then recompile my modeling reel to email to silver ant and fly studio for start up

Sunday, January 13, 2013

3 21 am

it's many days later and i still working on my reel, only thing this time is tat i'm working on 1 last scene, concept idea of magic wand in some mysterious place. below is the artwork

concept and idea
and further below the images are the modeling progress for it

other updates is my camry gear box sot jor so i may need to wait nearly 1 week until i get my car back, meanwhile i am at home doing this personal project and i will put into my modeling reel and possible to email to fly studio by end of the month.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Japan Earthquake

3 49 am

i woke up at 1 something am until now and i'm not sleepy so decided to watch some video on youtube and saw this

it's documentary about the japanese earthquake from 2011 march 2 years ago. and here still got my update i always wanted to go japan, anyway later today i am going to see wat i can continue working on befor i decide to email my resume to fly studio, i wil continue to re schedule the production time for posession and the concept art, i decided to myself that the artwork is only for me to see so far until i think am ready to share with others ppl

modeling reel 2013

5 45 pm

finally i was able to make a modeling reel for 2013, most my personal works are all in there, i wud focus on areas like modeling, texturing and ligthting and rendering. anyway yesterday i ady email my modeling reel and resume to R&H for jon of modeller, i think the rest is up to them to decide lah also had dinner wit mum, she bought me a fan for my pc table, was supposed to do somethign at office but ah yee and mum was not there. next step is to write email to fly studio about start up

Friday, January 4, 2013

modeling reel and future

10 16 am

while i am typing this blog i was thinkings of so many things, future, my family, lulu zhang the girl that i knew in lifway i wanted to ask to be my girlfreind, lulu zhang that left to go back to yunnan, modeling reel, fly studio start up programme and about life.

i am even thinking about things i believe in and things i dun believe in, wat is possible and wat is not possible, wat i can do and wat i cannot do. hm so i decided, i will believe in things that i can see, feel touch and understands, i believe in somethign i can relate and make sense from, i also believe that people have their right to way of life and what they want to believe in and their own oppinion and views.

and for some weird reason, i feeling that this year i believe is going to be different for me

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

3rd day of 2013

2 25 am

okei it
s 3rd day of 2013 and so far got this news, my samurai is making small progress, i sucess to pose it, set the lighting the way i want and paint weight abit to make it look nice, next is only do turntable, without texture. below is work in progress.

added a pose, samurai is holding the katana with lighting, not smooth yet

other news is i called fly studio and spoke wit kim one of the staffs there about start up programme, am i suposed to email to him my resume for start up programme, he mention tat it around april will start

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


4 43 am

okei, i was up from 9 pm and still cannot sleep until now, i get insomnia again, so i got a few things i can roughly put out, a modeling reel to R&H, calling fly studio 1 last time to ask for details about start up programme.

other is work on posssion idea and boost my z brush and animation ability. another sharing today is my samurai work in progress

default shader and lighting and default T pose, more update later