Friday, August 30, 2013

3 weeks in gancho

1 15 pm

it's been 3 weeks since i stared working at gancho as contract modeller, so far it's not bad, i been working on a project called little scientist for pre school students and it's so far okei i guess, can't complain since i actually have a project i'm working on. i just also learn that someone i know from dasien by name of shuet ling lee plans to apply for position in this company too, other update is my pc is finally ready.

i guess today the plan is to collect my pc and my laundry, then study at home and revise for my exam next week, so today it's jsut relaxing then clean up my house later, 2moro wash the car

Thursday, August 22, 2013

lost of 2 grandmas

6 23 pm

earlier this year i lost my ah por the natural deth during cny, i was hold up at penang for nearly 2 weeks for her funeral, she didn't last long enough to celebrate cny with the whole family, I was very looking forward to that, after i returned from penang i was the very last person to cry.

now it's many months later, ma ma from tham family side has passed, i was informed about her condition yesterday and my first instinct as she would go anytime soon, and i was very right, i just recived a emal form my ku ceh, mama officially passed away this morning and i wasnt there for here, i only know right this moment she is at peace with ye ye in a better place away form this world, will probably find out more from mum today when she gets back other than that i'm jsut sitting here at home waiting for some news updates.

others stuff is i have a job interview 2moro at glue studio and i'm wondering how to responds

Saturday, August 17, 2013

some sharing

12 10 pm

it's been a year since i return to malaysia and since i got myself a probation position as 3D artist, now i'm thinking about something more, i previous mentioned I missed being unemployed for a whole year, not because i feel that being unemployed is good or bad thing, with or without salary, i feel that being able to give myself time to learn and make some learning progress and also learn new things in lfie is also very important, example how to manage myself financially and plan for future, example investments, future savings, insurance in case anything ever happens all this while I'm still below 30.

another thing i just realised only is  after i got myself probation contract from gancho i feel that doens't matter how good someone is in doing something in their job, how improved they are, i feel now it's whether I can be helpful to someone, able to communicate, adapt and learn new was to work, lol sure the foundation of art and what i learn in past at the one still matters, now it's more like open world terms already, adapt and work ethics.

these 2 things are very important now, it's been repeated over before and I think that a showreel is just to get myself an interview only, doesn't do anything more than that, other updates is I recently ordered myself a new lenovo laptop, price of MYR 2899 reasons very simple I kept asus laptop since 2008, it's like what 6 years now altogether, it's been overheat and crashing on me multiple times ady and i feel that I need a spare laptop for backup, therefore gives me good reason to buy new one, thanks to mum who loves me very much, my world is nothing her and che.

I got to make a decision too, even before my probation ends i will help at the office, even whether i confirm or not after my probation i still want to help in the family bussiness. money is just to pay my bills only and to buy food for myself, if i relly want money I think i shud make money work for me, that's why mum bought us both insurance, when i think about investment plans, that right!

so how does someone fresh from college earn themselve a job? well 1st step is probably a good demoreel showcasing their arts sense and ability, the next is just work ethics and adaptability, it would be good to understand the supervisors way of thinking anticipate their way of thinking and know how they think so that save alot of hassle.

other than that i got nothing else to blog about

Friday, August 16, 2013

Gancho Studio in 1 week

4 04 pm

it's been 5 days since i started to work in gancho studio, signed my contract and under probation, did and completed my 1st project here, now doing another wan which is some environment, i think i doign ot bad so far hehe lasting for a whole week, i guess i will try and last 1 whole month.

god knows wats next coming for me, anyway looking forward to moreprojects and vantura next, also want to express something, it's been 1 year since i graduated and returned from auckland, i just wonder whats it's been like to be going through all this, and honestly i feel i miss being unemployed, that moment is the best moment to be working for a whole year on personal projects and improving myself and learning new stuff, the industry doesn't teach me much at all.

i wonder wa can i do for next few years other than job and projects? consider working in office with mom? consider return to auckland? consider being unemployed again for 1 whole year to work on personal projects?

relly i miss that feeling, i will still work on personal projects but not now, jsut consider making plans for future only at moment, investment, family bussiness and spend more time with mom

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

life so far

6 26 am

surivived 3 days at gancho studio so far, nothing good or bad, i guess you can say im not doing so bad, to be honest with you, I relly felt no different from being unemployed, i enjoyed that feeling for almost 2 years lol it's hard to feel unemployed!

anyway latest news is mom is going to penang on 26th and I cant be there to help her even if I want to instead i decided to help her everytme i return from office after work hour and on weekend, I will still do personal projects maybe after work hours and i will think about joning the office after probation, I been thinking about this for very long time, working in the office instead of animation industry, getting fedup with searching for ages. it relly its not pleasent feeling

i'm thinking going overseas for holliday end of this year, wonder where to go? decide all this later this week

Monday, August 12, 2013

Gancho Studio

4 56 am

i'm awake and watching the walking dead online on youtube and here is some update, i started work in gancho studios yesterday, received my contract, met my collagues for next 2 months and then I am working on some interactive project called Little scientist.

1 weeks i waited for a reply from lemonsky no news yet, i guessing either way maybe they won't reply after this, I need to fix my pc and get a new laptop soon, i have also decided, if i get pass probation I will either 1) work in office with mom, I sick and tired of job searching already, and tired of going trou trouble to apply for jobs related to 3d animation anymore, it's too much time and waisting i will jsut have to do my best at the office 2) even if  get pass probation which i dun expect I want to return to help more at the office part time be more involve in family bussiness

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Gancho Studio

7 45 pm

So I am supposed to begin work on 12 august this month which is just next week, probably enter gancho around 10 am and see if there is anyone around to see me inside. I:m also supposed to go for interview 2moro at some company called The Moxim House for 3d animator position maybe will drive there later tonight.

I have not yet received any email from Lemonsky tv yet, i can only guess boh liao status update, only gancho updated me. I just wonder what else is going to happen?

Sunday, August 4, 2013

North Korea, Myanmar

6 37 pm

lately i noticed SS15 subang jaya is turning into myanmar city, lately got many myanmar nationals i saw working at 7 eleven and even korean food bussiness. and then i see them walking on the street acting like they own the street.

the kiwi's in auckland look at me like I want to invade their country, when i only want to study and experience overseas working, today after watching some video, i realised there is another country that maybe doing more bad than maybe even myanmar, from this video, it seem that north korea is also doing relly bad.

starvation, control, military control, malnutrition and citizens rights, north koreans trying to cross the border into china and south korea, getting forced to stay back into North Korea by Chinese soldiers, even families that talk about suicide because they bey tahan what is happening on their own country. it's sad to see a country that is making propaganda and talk about nuclear weapons when cannot even take care of their own nation and focus alot of military strenght.

it's relly a strange logic, they got the money to build nuclear weapons instead of the power and make electric city and produce more food for their nation? it's abit similar to Somalia, the people suffer form starvation. I mean is it relly worth building a strong military when the nation is hungry and suffering from health problems? even United Nations Ignore this